Planting trees for climate protection and education

Planting trees for ...

Planting trees for climate protection and education

Support our nationwide planting campaigns. We bring climate and environmental protection closer to the people!

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Support MYBLUEPLANET with a one-time donation.


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In a nutshell

With your support you enable

  • us to plant native, climate-resistant species in Switzerland and thus contribute to climate protection: We organize seedlings, a suitable location and the planting for you.
  • the organization and implementation of planting events including knowledge input on environmental and climate protection and planting trees together.
  • the future-oriented planting of Swiss forest areas.
  • more people to learn about the importance of forests as a CO2 reducer.

Our trees can be planted in your own garden, on your balcony or together with MYBLUEPLANET in a forest in Switzerland. We are not primarily concerned with offsetting, but rather with bringing people closer to climate protection and raising awareness. In joint planting campaigns, we inspire everyone to live in a climate-friendly way.

Why are trees important for climate protection?

Trees convert CO2 to oxygen during leaf respiration and store the carbon. They therefore remove carbon dioxide from our atmosphere, which we humans emit in excessive quantities. But trees also play a role in maintaining biodiversity by providing a home for birds and insects. We are also grateful for trees that provide shade on hot summer days and cool our overheated cities. Trees are often planted symbolically and ceremonially, such as for the birth of a child, the death of a loved one, or to seal a friendship or collaboration. However, it is not only the planting of new trees that is important, but also the care and preservation of existing forests - in Switzerland and worldwide. Because dead and processed trees release the stored CO2 back into the atmosphere.

Your impact

If you want to give trees a voice, help us spread the word about the importance of climate and environmental protection in Switzerland. You have the opportunity to choose which areas of MyBlueTree you would like to support.

  • With a donation you support our efforts to plant trees in Swiss forests and climate protection in hearts.
  • With a donation of CHF 40, we will take care of planting and positioning a sapling for you ourselves.
  • You can also actively participate in tree planting events and help directly.
  • If you know of places that would be suitable for tree planting, you can contact us.

Here you can learn more about our project MyBlueTree.

Your donation will be used for the chosen purpose whenever possible. If MYBLUEPLANET urgently needs funds in another area, your donation can also be used for that. This allows us to use your donation optimally for climate protection in Switzerland.

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