Membership - 1 year business

Membership - 1 year...

Membership - 1 year business

Every business membership helps us anchor climate protection in the Swiss economy. Become part of the community now!

Support MYBLUEPLANET with a recurring donation

Support our organization with a recurring donation.


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In a nutshell 

Your company's membership fee (CHF 1'200.-) enables us to implement climate protection projects in Switzerland on a long-term and nationwide basis.  

  • Every 6-8 weeks you will receive a newsletter with news about MYBLUEPLANET and climate protection. In addition, you will receive useful climate protection tips digitally. 
  • Two people from your organization are invited to the annual general meeting and our New Year's reception, as well as to exciting, exclusive guided tours of climate-relevant facilities or to events in the context of our activities for climate protection. 

Every business member of the MYBLUEPLANET community thus becomes part of a national climate protection movement with a regional focus. In addition, there are a lot of exclusive events and exciting guided tours in climate-relevant institutions waiting for you and there is also the possibility to get actively involved as a volunteer. 

Note: The membership fee is calculated per calendar year. 

Why a Business Membership? 

The effects of climate change have never been more evident than in recent years. The costs incurred globally by climate catastrophes are rising steadily and there is no relief in sight in the near future. It is high time to act decisively and sustainably.  

The MYBLUEPLANET association has grown steadily since its founding in 2007 and now employs more than 20 people at its office. From an initiative of citizens who want to make a contribution to climate protection in their own lives, an office with up to twenty employees and a huge community has grown. With a business membership, you will actively help us to continue to implement climate protection actions in all regions and corners of Switzerland and to involve the Swiss economy in the process.  

Your impact: Promoting climate protection as a company 

A business membership helps us to anchor our climate protection concerns in the Swiss economy in the long term. This enables us to use innovative solutions to encourage more people in Switzerland to work together to create a future worth living in and to behave in a more climate-friendly way overall. Your company becomes part of an active community that is actively working for a more climate-friendly future. 

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