Further development of our ClimateActions app

Further development...

Further development of our ClimateActions app

We have many ideas how our app can encourage even more people to live a climate-friendly life. Support us!

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In a nutshell

With your support you enable

  • the implementation of new functions on the app.
  • improved design and user guidance of the app.
  • the establishment of new challenges and ideas via the app.
  • the maintainance and administration needed so that the app runs smoothly.
  • the management of technical tasks and challenges.

Our ClimateActions app challenges people in a playful way to make their everyday life more climate-friendly. By completing climate protection challenges, people collect points and can compete with others - in teams or alone. The aim is to show how simple a climate-friendly everyday life can be. We have many more ideas for our app and need support in developing it further and helping even more people to act in a climate-friendly way.


Why is the ClimateActions app needed?

It is often the little things that have a big impact. This also applies to our everyday lives and the decisions we make. Our lifestyle is characterized by constant availability, technological progress and convenience. Our consumption of resources has gotten out of hand at the expense of our home planet, which sooner or later will also become our problem. Protecting the climate doesn't always have to mean giving something up or expending a lot of effort. The ClimateActions app playfully presents many little things we can change in our everyday lives to make a big difference. The challenges serve as food for thought for small actions in everyday life that do good for the earth.


Your impact

Your support makes it possible for us to implement improvements, new ideas and expansions and thus raise people's awareness for a climate-friendly lifestyle. At the same time, you draw attention to the fact that climate protection does not always have to be complicated and strenuous. Thanks to your support, it will be possible for everyone to make climate-conscious decisions by simply using the app in everyday life or in business situations.

Learn more about the app here.

Your donation will be used for the chosen purpose whenever possible. If MYBLUEPLANET urgently needs funds in another area, your donation can be used for that as well.This allows us to use your donation optimally for climate protection in Switzerland.

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